Instructions for Authors

The submission of manuscripts must be done only through the submission form, observing the IMPORTANT DATES.

There is no maximum limit of co-authors per paper and no limit of papers per author. Enter ALL co-authors on the manuscript submission form, so that the proceedings and program can be designed accordingly.

Submit only PDF files. The manuscripts must be complete and submitted in up to 05 (five) pages, including figures, tables, formulas and references. DO NOT NUMBER THE PAGES.

The formatting of the manuscript must strictly follow the rules contained in the templates below. Manuscripts outside the norms will be rejected. Special care is recommended in the elaboration of the Abstract. Templates are available in the links below:

The submitted manuscripts will be analyzed by an independent Technical-Scientific Committee, composed of professionals from all areas of interest. The main criteria for accepting the manuscript will be:

  • Importance and originality of the subject;
  • Relevance of the topic for the Scientific Topics from Symposium;
  • Scientific rigor and data quality;
  • Abstract and clarity of the text;
  • Presentation quality;
  • Formatting according to the templates.

Approved papers may be presented in an Oral Technical Session or in a Poster Session, as indicated by the author and the Technical-Scientific Committee.

Note: Any form of plagiarism, intentional and fraudulent copying, or intellectual dishonesty, misrepresentation, crime of forgery, tampering, removal of the source or omission of identification of its creator, including the addition of a foreign author to the manuscript or alteration of the sequence of authors must be restrained, repressed and punished. The organization of SPACE WEEK NORDESTE 2023 will not be responsible in case of plagiarism, and the Author(s)/Co-author(s) will be responsible for the appropriate actions.